Hi👋 I'm Julia.

This is my corner of the web I share things I’ve learnt, mostly about software engineering. It’s also a playground for my exploration. Calling this playground because I want to remind myself to have fun while exploring and experimenting.


  • `git update-index`: changing what is added to the staging area

    This is a short post about git index, i.e. the staging area, and about the git command to ignore changes in specific file locally.

  • Dependency Inversion Principle (DIP) from SOLID

    What is the Dependency Inversion Principle (DIP)? What is it about? What does it looks like in Ruby?

  • Looking up options for Rails helpers

    “Rails Magic” is one of the terms I have heard a lot. Rails indeed is a magical framework as it does a lot under the hood. Yet, it can feel “too magical” for a new Rails dev.

  • Soft skills for Pair Programming

    This is a written version of a talk I did at our Engineering Forum. I talked about the intangible skills I wish I knew about pair programming. I think early-career folks will find these particularly useful as they work with more experienced engineers, because the content are my learnings mostly from when I was a junior engineer.